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Hong Kong-based Tri-State (Far East) Corporation has since its inception in 1972 focused on developing better trade and manufacturing relationships with China. Realizing early on this country's enormous growth potential, Tri-State and its parent, the Simmons Group of Companies, have committed substantial amounts of financial and human resources to establish and expand their facilities in the People's Republic of China. Today, Tri-State has factories and branch offices over throughout China. e.g. Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou & Shanghai etc.


Our company was one of the first foreign firms to enter China in the late seventies. Since that time, our operation in China has provided sourcing and manufacturing services for our clients - among them many multinational companies and New York Stock Exchange listed organizations - in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.


Tri-State sources a wide range of products for the export market. They include consumer as well as industrial products manufactured to our client's specifications. The company's largest sourcing operation centers on the second large component of Tri-State’s sourcing activities are metal fabricated components, sub assemblies and finished products.

Manufacturing processes range from sand casting to permanent mold casting, die casting, stamping, forging, etc. malleable and grey iron, steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and bronze alloys are some of the materials used. The plumbing, heating, and air conditioning industries represent the single largest market for such products while other applications include, but are not limited to, the automotive, transportation, and flow control industries toy/juvenile products are toys, juvenileand a wide range of diverse industries, including general consumer goods, exercise equipment and consumer electronics, accessories, melamine, CD case, plastic x’mas tree, tolling kits, etc.

Inspection Services

We also offer a pre-shipment Q.C. service for clients who wish to continue purchasing from their present suppliers but who require the added security of independent, third-party quality inspection before goods are released for shipment.