Tri- State (Far East) Corporation - Hong Kong


Hong Kong-based Tri-State (Far East) Corporation, a branch of Simmons Holdings Limited, was established in 1972 focusing on developing better trade and manufacturing relationships with China.  Tri-State has committed substantial amounts of financial and human resources in order to establish and expand their facilities in the People’s Republic of China.  Today, Tri-State has branch offices throughout China, such as Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou & Shanghai, etc., and our Hong Kong office has been accredited for ISO 9001:2015.  

Activities in China

Our company was one of the first foreign firms to enter into China in the late seventies. Since that time, our operation in China has been providing sourcing and manufacturing services for our clients, including many multinational companies and New York Stock Exchange listed organizations in the United States, South America and Europe.


Tri-State sources a wide range of products for export market.  They include consumer products as well as industrial products manufactured to our client’s specifications.  The company’s sourcing operation centers on metal fabricated components, sub-assemblies and finished products.

Manufacturing processes range from sand casting to permanent mold casting, die casting, stamping, forging, etc.  Malleable and grey iron, steel, aluminium, brass, bronze and bronze alloys are some of the materials used.  The plumbing, heating and air conditioning industries represent the single largest market for such products while other applications include, but are not limited to, the automotive, transportation and flow control industries.

The company also focus on sourcing of toy / juvenile products followed by sourcing programs for a wide range of diverse industries, including general consumer goods, exercise equipment and consumer electronics.

Inspection Services

We offer a pre-shipment Q.C. service and on-line inspection service for clients purchasing from their current suppliers, and also providing the added security of an independent, third-party quality inspection before goods are released for shipment.

Other Related Companies

Simmons Electronic Products Ltd - Hong Kong
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The Simmons Group of Companies

The Simmons Group of Companies

The Simmons Group was founded in 1949 when Mr. Alfred E. Simmons established our first office in Tokyo. We have offices throughout the Pacific Rim including Taiwan, Thailand, The Philippines, China and Hong Kong. We offer our clients all of the design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities that have created the world’s fastest-growing regional economy.

The Simmons Group provides regional purchasing through multi-country sourcing, with clients either working directly with each office or utilizing one location as purchasing headquarters.

To ensure that required quality standards are met, separate Q.C. departments reporting directly to senior management have been established.

Simmons International Limited – Taiwan

Simmons International Limited. (SIL) is a privately owned company that was established by Mr. Alfred E. Simmons and Mr. TD Cheng in April 1977.

SIL is the pioneer in bringing the plumbing industry to Taiwan. Throughout the years, we have expanded our expertise from plumbing to other industries such as heating, air conditioning, pneumatic, fluid valves, conduit fittings, hardware, and electronics.  

SIL provides customers with a reliable supply-chain by linking customers and manufacturers on sourcing, product development, engineering, logistics, and quality systems.

Simmons Asia Limited - Thailand

Simmons Asia Ltd started in 1990 in Thailand.  They provide services for their clients specialize in plumbing, OEM/ODM, plastic injection molding, etc.  Simmons Asia engage in a complete sourcing program by linking customers and manufacturers on sourcing.

Simmons Group Limited – USA

The Simmons Group was established in 1949, specifically to manage multi-country sourcing programs in the Pacific Rim.  As the representative of the buyer, Simmons utilizes the experience and expertise of its Asian and American-based staff to locate the best manufacturer to meet our clients’ specific requirements.  Simmons Group has specialized in establishing long-term, efficient business relationships throughout the Pacific Rim for major OEM buyers worldwide. Our staff of professional project managers handles all aspects of sourcing, purchasing, production, quality inspection and shipping for our clients.  Simmons services are incorporated into a complete sourcing program tailored to meet our clients’ needs.  Whether you are looking for metal or plastic components or electronic assemblies, Simmons Group Ltd. has qualified sources to meet our clients’ requirements.   

Simmons Electronic Products Ltd - Hong Kong

Simmons Electronic Products Ltd (SEPL) was established on 1 December, 1997.  Ricoh semiconductor is our first product line.  With the great effort of our professional sales team, our sales recorded achieved 100% growth in 1998 comparing to Ricoh former distributor figure in 1997.

SEPL continues looking for good and comprehensive product lines in order to offer better support to our customers.  In 2011, we have been carrying several world renowned products line including Ricoh semiconductor, Panasonic semiconductor, Nexell semiconductor, Abov semiconductor, Epcos, and MPL pressure switch.  SEPL only carries comprehensive lines with excellent quality products.  In vendors side, we avoid internal competition and in customers side, we provide excellent quality products to make sure their end products has highest quality and avoid RMA.

As a professional components distributor, we provide technical support, trouble shooting, goods buffering, reference solutions, design consultation etc. to our customers in order to shorten their products development time and smooth production.

We will strengthen our sales force, product lines and technical support to provide better and better service to our customers as time goes on.