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Few places in the world can rival Hong Kong and China in producing quality goods at competitive prices.But sourcing in the Far East can be an expensive and frustrating experience. Office overheads are high. Getting the best price and the most reliable service can be a difficult task.

Talk to us. We are Tri-State (Far East) Corp., the headquarters of The Simmons Group. Located in Hong Kong, we have been helping companies like yours source, develop and purchase products in Hong Kong and China since 1972.

Our experience can help you save money. We find the right supplier at the right price without your having to tie up valuable resources and staff time in the region.
Tri-State does not sell on behalf of manufacturers. We work as part of your purchasing team, finding the best sources for your products, whether they be finished goods, components or sub-assemblies

We can help you develop your own items to original designs using the services of our experienced staff of engineers and soft goods designers.
We can also source off-the-shelf products that meet your needs without requiring the high cost of development.

Our in-house quality control department, reporting directly to senior management, inspects each consignment before shipment to ensure that your required standards are met.

We also offer our own contract manufacturing operation, Tri-S Manufacturing (China) Ltd., which was established in 1982. We now employ more than 3,000 workers in China and have 270,000 square feet of manufacturing space for the production of soft toys, dolls, juvenile product, dress packs and rotocast items to your specifications.

When you need to purchase in Hong Kong and China, put us on your team and let us work for you. Talk to us now.